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VoiParty Network – Breaking News; Pre Launch Extended

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 5:31 am    Post subject: VoiParty Network – Breaking News; Pre Launch Extended Reply with quote

VoiParty is a technology holding company formed in 2005 with the express purpose of turning a brilliant idea into a reality. Our founders have over 50 years of combined experience in the field of telecommunications, e-commerce and internet marketing.

Atlanta, GA, January 04, 2010 -- Breaking News; VoiParty has opened the flood gates! Due to the unexpected growth and increased demand, VoiParty has just announced that they will be extending its Official Launch until February 1, 2010. With this development, investors will have one additional month to take advantage of the Pre Launch pricing and attain a prime position in the VoiParty network. After the Official Launch on February 1, 2010 the One-Time Investment cost to join VoiParty will increase to $279.95.

Additionally, VoiParty has also announced a restructuring of their Compensation Plan. The new Compensation Plan will provide VoiParty members 40% more spill over, 12 levels of compensation and 2 different types of Infinity Bonuses. Add to this a Global Profit Sharing pool and combine this with the fact that qualification requirements have been reduced significantly, makes VoiParty an even greater opportunity that ordinary people can invest in!!

VoiParty is seeking ordinary people interested in becoming a part of the world’s first Peer to Peer IXC Global Carrier Network. IXC (Inter Exchange Communications) is a global wholesale telecommunications industry that generates billions of dollars per month in the USA alone. Up until now this revenue stream, invisible and inaccessible to ordinary people like you in the past, has been controlled by major telecommunications corporations.

The founders of VoiParty have ingeniously developed proprietary software and hardware that taps into the existing multi-billion dollar a year telecommunications industry by providing termination of Long Distance Call services for a far less cost than any other Interexchange Carrier currently in the telecommunications industry.

Due to Least Cost Routing Industry standards the VoiParty network will capture a minimum of 15% of that every month. The best part is that 70% of VoiParty ‘s income will be paid to the members that make up the actual network.

As a member of the VoiParty network, you can now earn a share of the $80 to $120 million dollars per month simply by plugging into the network. That's right – VoiParty will pay you a permanent Residual Passive income just for helping us grow the network.

Now let’s talk about how VoiParty differs from all the other new business opportunities. First, until 1/31/2010, the ONLY cost to become a member of the VoiParty network is a One-Time Investment of $229.95, period. That’s it, that’s all. VoiParty has NO hidden fees, NO monthly minimum business volume, and NO monthly recurring fees. After 1/31/2010, this cost increases by $50.00, but is still a great opportunity for a One-Time Investment of $279.95.

Also, as a VoiParty Member you are not required to sell a product or service over and over, month after month to maintain your position. And VoiParty will only give you straight talk and straight answers instead of hype and misdirection.

VoiParty needs members, just ordinary people like you, with high speed internet and a basic local unlimited calling telephone land line. The VoiParty TIM will interconnect your DSL or Broadband modem and your phone line. VoiParty does not need a computer to function or interface with.

The simplest way to explain how VoiParty generates income from IXC is this: VoiParty uses proprietary technology to capture and route long distance phone calls through Voip over the internet to a members VoiParty connection – thereby turning their FREE local call into CASH.

In the USA alone the cash flow from wholesale IXC is over $800 million per month. Due to Least Cost Routing Industry standards our network will capture 10% to 15% of that every month. The best part is that 70% of the VoiParty income will be paid out to the members that make up the actual network.

VoiParty is now positioned for staggering growth. How do they plan to do this? It's really quite simple; VoiParty will use the existing infrastructure of your home and mine to route calls creating a low cost routing method for 100 Billion minutes of calls per month.

Most people would agree that most new business opportunities, especially Pre Launch Network Marketing opportunities are worthless as the company or person promoting the business is selling a lot of hype and hysteria looking to sell you on their next big product launch.

However, once in a while a really unique and dynamic Business Opportunity unexpectedly appears that rises above all the others. Right now, this proprietary technology being offered by VoiParty is available during Pre Launch by Invitation Only to residents of the USA and Canada.

VoiParty now gives ordinary people like you an opportunity to plug into the abundant revenue flow of the IXC market and the ability to create both a direct sales income as well as passive residual income.

The key to any home business opportunity is Timing – becoming a part of a Ground Floor Opportunity before the growth curve begins! VoiParty will be in Pre_Launch thru the end of January, 2010. VoiParty is still in the early phase of the growth curve.

If you are ready to learn how you can generate a steady stream of residual income with VoiParty , please contact VoiParty direct at 706-247-1841 and for all the information you need to make an intelligent decision.

Please Click on the Links below to learn more:

About VoiParty :
The Technology and Business Model :
Compensation Plan :

Call today to receive detailed information about the restructured Compensation Plan and to receive your Invitation #. Come on in and Join our PARTY.

Contact :
William Austin
Atlanta, GA
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