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Wicked Footwear Offers Vegan Hemp Shoe. It's The Real Deal O

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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2011 2:42 am    Post subject: Wicked Footwear Offers Vegan Hemp Shoe. It's The Real Deal O Reply with quote

Wicked Footwear Offers Vegan Hemp Shoe. It's The Real Deal On Natural Material Shoes

Released on: May 24, 2011, 1:41 am
Author: Matt Mahmet, President, Wicked Hemp
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Many shoe companies talk about being green, eco friendly etc. etc but in dubious times reality checks are needed, so let us ask the question openly: Do shoe brands actually walk their talk?

One shoe company; Wicked Footwear has been at the fashion forefront since 1997 establishing several brands fitting many lifestyles, from motorsports and lifestyle collection to hikers and casual walkers. Now Wicked Footwear is pleased to introduce you to its newest division — Wicked Hemp a VEGAN FRIENDLY COMPANY.

Wicked Hemp takes the extra step of using natural materials that are friendly to the earth and it’s a good fit for their customers around the world that wear their shoes. The ‘other guys’ make claims about their shoes being ‘green’ but the materials most brands they use are not really sustainable despite what they claim, it’s just probably only the name tag.

OK, what make’s for the truth are the two major components of all footwear, the upper materials and the soles. Wicked Hemp primarily uses HEMP throughout their line.

Most recently Wicked Hemp experimented with trying BASKET WEAVE wood pulp materials that were successfully introduced. Think about it, Wicked Hemp uses wood and hemp, two abundant materials that have been around for thousands of years. When properly utilized hemp has many different uses or benefits for society that include products such as paper, textiles, oil, rope, boat sails and canvas.

Matter of fact, the name canvas is derived from the Arabic word meaning cannabis. Hemp is a plant that can be used to produce thousands of products, why not shoes? Hemp is of the same plant species that produces marijuana but you can’t smoke this. Its scientific name is Cannabis Sativa. Hemp has been used for thousands of years to produce. Both upper materials are sustainable and have been proven to last. Recently hemp material was found that was over 8 thousand years old.

MATT MAHMET SAYS, “Many consumers are not aware that hemp is not a drug. Wicked Hemp has a campaign that it started during the Sundance
Film Festival. The message is “YOU CAN’T SMOKE THIS”. A spot that shows hemp can’t be smoke and the shoes can’t be smoked. Along with the unique styling of the hemp shoes feature in a 15 second spot that says it all.”

Did you know that Wicked Hemp shoe soles are made of good old recycle rubber? Why do we use materials such as old recycled rubber? Because they wear for long periods of time without wearing out. Wicked Hemp uses conventional shoe manufacturing that builds a solid shoe with the comfort features consumer expect. Mid soles have super cushioned. Dual density heels and removable insoles made of recycled materials of EVA.

Why Wicked Hemp shoes are not simple is our design with real sustainability comfort and style. Style is the key word consumers want first. Wicked Hemp hybrid designs give consumer a very relax styling that fits today’s prep look. Loafer to lace up shoes that have a proprietary look of Wicked Hemp designs.

Styling that is beyond timeless.

As of this writing Wicked Hemp is the only shoe company offering styles that:
1. Outsole profiles that is sleek in shape, with outdoor sole traction
2. Full EVA inserted in the cup of the sole for dual cushioning
3. Removable mid sole that is super thick foam, with nibs for massaging the metatarsal.
4. The uppers have full canvas linings. Plus toe and heel stabilizers, stopping pronation and supanation.
5. The stitching is primarily double needle throughout the upper

What really makes the difference is total construction, not simple. The outsoles are spring toes which allow the consumer to roll their foot when walking giving more distance to cover with less work. For the person that drives the heel is curved giving them more floorboard comfort.

Wicked Hemp has more styles in hemp material than any shoe company in America. Because hemp is better than cotton. Using materials that last and not materials that claim they are natural latex, soda laces etc. Wicked Hemp uses natural materials that will last you for a long time.


Meet our President: 800-643-9009 Matt Mahmet is a man who lives and works off the grid, but knows how to build product that makes a lux fashion statement at a retail price point for consumer pricing for today’s econmic conditions. Wicked Hemp wants to deliver a message that it is simple to build a shoe with a lot of Eco jargon that will not really be sustainable.

(WICKEDHEMP.COM does not just build simple shoes)

Contact Details: Matt Mahmet,

Wicked Hemp
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