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Ugg Boots Look Set To Be More Popular Than Ever

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:11 pm    Post subject: Ugg Boots Look Set To Be More Popular Than Ever Reply with quote

Ugg Boots Look Set To Be More Popular Than Ever

Released on: August 22, 2011, 12:41 pm
Author: Whooga Ugg Boots
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

This season ugg boots look set to be more popular than ever in the United Kingdom. Over the past 5 years the UK has adopted the fluffy foot trend that spent the previous decade spreading throughout the United State and the previous 100 years as an integral part of Australia culture. Ugg boots UK rise to popularity was initially met with a number of hurdles which prevented the trend from really growing in the UK like they have in other regions, this year however the barriers are gone allowing uggs to once again spread like wildfire.

When they were first introduced to the UK a number of years ago ugg boots lacked the support of the UKís fashion elite and unlike the United States ugg boots were not backed by celebrities. This was the first thing to change with the fashion savvy backing the boots. The fashion status of ugg boots remains a polarising topic but even those staunchly fighting against the fashion status of ugg boots were won over by their comfort. The message ďDonít wear them in public but oh my god you must try them, I never take them off when Iím at homeĒ is about as bad as it got. Thanks to the pull modern fashion hubs have online modern trends like ugg boots quickly found a home amongst the fashion savvy and eventually the pages of Celebrity tabloids.

So ugg boots were hot fashion in the UK for the first time but still out of reach of many thanks in no part to very heavy price tags. £200+ for a pair of boots our US counterparts were paying less than £100 for. Surely VAT and import taxes were not the only reason for such a large difference? Ugg boots are always going to be expensive; the leathers are comfortable but also extremely rare and harder and harder to come by. Now though competition from brands like EMU and Whooga ugg boots is helping to lower prices and introduce options to consumers. Youtubers with hundreds of thousands of subscribers were the first to test these competitors and usually recommend them on the basis of equal of better comfort at vastly more affordable prices.

So ugg boots were finally affordable, popular and due to a terribly cold winter in very high demand but they were still not going to spread like wildfire. Over the years Google has battled counterfeiters and done a pretty decent job of sending shoppers to legitimate vendors. During 2009 and the better part of 2010, when more and more consumers began to look online to do their shopping the counterfeiters had taken over many of the leading Google pages and were taking millions of dollars from consumers everyday for either poor quality counterfeit boots, or simply charging the customerís credit card with no intention of ever sending boots. The UK police force and Google havenít completely eradicated the problem but it is now next to nonexistent and consumers have become also become savvier.

One of the more unusual problems affecting ugg boots stems from availability. When the boots became popular, no one really predicted just how popular they would become and when the shoppers were ready to try on a pair no one had any left. Sure more were on the way but back orders and poor availability of leathers meant we would be waiting until summer until boots arrived. This year manufacturers appear to be ready for UK season but we wonít really know until the temperature plummets. Either way ugg boots look set to become an integral part of our winter fashion staples.

Contact Details: Whooga Ugg Boots
Marketing Executive
230 Mount Street
Upper Burnie, TAS
Australia 7320
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